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REPREVE® Renewables’ FREEDOM™ Giant Miscanthus Used by Cool Planet to Produce Gasoline

SOPERTON, GEORGIA – March 1, 2012 – Cool Planet Biofuels, a developer of negative and neutral carbon fuels, announced its use of REPREVE® Renewables’ FREEDOM™ giant miscanthus to manufacture tank-ready gasoline. REPREVE Renewables provided feedstock to Cool Planet Biofuels for testing in its process. By using FREEDOM, Cool Planet reported that they were able to achieve a 4,000 gallons/acre conversion rate, which outperforms other feedstocks such as corn, switchgrass and wood on yield. The resulting fuel, claims Cool Planet, is chemically identical to gasoline from fossil fuel and is currently being road-tested in cars in California.

REPREVE® Renewables, LLC, is a leader in biomass energy solutions and the exclusive supplier of FREEDOM giant miscanthus. FREEDOM was developed at Mississippi State University as the best bioenergy crop for growing in the Southeast. REPREVE Renewables is focused on commercializing FREEDOM giant miscanthus by providing planting material and growing protocols to growers in the Southeast United States.

Phillip Jennings, a REPREVE Renewables founder, said the development from Cool Planet is a big step in bringing drop-in gasoline from grass to the marketplace.

“When gasoline can be made from plants, it’s important to grow the most plant material per acre,” said Jennings. “The yield per acre of FREEDOM giant miscanthus is unmatchable among purpose-grown energy crops. We look forward to the day when producing 3,000-4,000 gallons of gasoline per acre of land is done on a commercial scale. REPREVE Renewables is ready to do our part to make it happen.”

The announcement demonstrates what is achievable under optimum growing conditions in the Southeast United States. Cool Planet estimates under more routine growing conditions, an average yield of 3,000 gallons per acre. In two years, Cool Planet has accumulated a list of investors that includes oil giant BP's venture capital arm, BP Technology Ventures; General Electric Co.; ConocoPhillips; Constellation Energy Group; NRG Energy Inc.; Google Ventures; Shea Ventures; and North Bridge Venture Partners. REPREVE Renewables continues to work with companies like Cool Planet Biofuels to bring renewable energy to commercial scale.

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From Biofuels Digest:

What are Google, BP, Conoco, and GE investing in? Is 3,000 gallons per acre of renewable gasoline possible?

In the past few weeks, news has begun to circulate around the industry – and expanded by Twitter and other social media to encompass a fair chunk of planet Earth – that Cool Planet Biofuels achieved 4,000 gallons per acre yields for production of renewable gasoline, and are projecting 3,000 gallons per acre based on what they believe are sustainable feedstock yields. The feedstock is giant miscanthus of the Freedom type, licensed by Repreve Renewables from cultivars developed at Brain Baldwin’s lab at Mississippi State University.

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From Mississippi State University:

MSU’s giant miscanthus used to make gasoline

MISSISSIPPI STATE -- Cool Planet Biofuels recently announced it has used Freedom giant miscanthus to create gasoline, a breakthrough in the biofuels industry.

Mississippi State University research scientist Brian Baldwin developed Freedom giant miscanthus, a biofuel feedstock used to create tank-ready gasoline. (Photo by MSU Ag Communications/Scott Corey)
Mississippi State University researcher Brian Baldwin and his colleagues in the Mississippi Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station spent years developing a variety of giant miscanthus, a perennial grass native to Asia, particularly suited to the Southeastern climate and soils. MSU filed a plant patent application for the resulting variety, named Freedom, in 2010, and licensed it to Georgia-based Repreve Renewables LLC.

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