Develop renewable solutions to biomass market requirements that leverage marginal or underutilized land for crop production.

Developing an integrated system

At REPREVE RENEWABLES, we have taken a different approach to the biomass market. Rather than focusing on a single dimension of biomass production, we have a more holistic view. This comprehensive approach sets us apart.

We look at the system for producing biomass. We address each step to develop the most efficient and effective way to complete it. Whether it is the challenge of planting the crop, coordinating production near where it is consumed or developing strategic sourcing agreements, REPREVE RENEWABLES strives for efficiency and sustainability.

We work with customers to determine their needs and establish a plan to meet them. We work with farmers and land owners to identify under-utilized or marginal land where biomass production makes economic sense. We work in local communities to help meet the infrastructure needs of this growing market.

We focus on growing solutions in the following markets:Chick on bedding.

  • Poultry and Animal Bedding
  • Liquid Biofuels
  • Combustion for Electricity and Heat
  • Chemical Applications like Renewable Plastics and Additives