Economic Benefits

miscanthus-field-11The “rapid renewable” biomass crop provides a real economic alternative to many farmers and landowners with underutilized and marginal land.

Speed of production and volume produced are far greater with biomass perennial grass crops harvested annually versus forest crops harvested once every few decades. Giant miscanthus can provide up to 20 tons per acre from a mature stand.

The concentration of energy of miscanthus is high compared to other forms of biomass. This makes it more efficient, and therefore more profitable. In fact, on a dry matter basis this clean burning fuel can produce around 8,000 BTU/lb. or 16 mm BTU/ton.

The planting of a rapidly renewable crop for biomass production will have direct impacts for the farmer or landowner, but also for those who store, transport and process the material. Indirectly, there is a multiplier effect in the local community for those who supply services, inputs and labor used in this process.