Innovate in every aspect of market development and delivery by applying solid science to leading edge technology.

Agronomic Innovation REPREVE RENEWABLES agronomic team has an aggressive program to research production methods for miscanthus that improve field performance and enhance product qualities. They also carefully monitor and improve  the current miscanthus establishment programs to help maximize production quickly.

Equipment Innovation

The challenges of planting biomass crops on a large scale have been met by the development of the ACCU YIELD™ System. After years of field-testing, REPREVE RENEWABLES is deploying this system across the United States in 2014 to commercially plant giant miscanthus.


This is the ACCU DROP® planter in use in 2013. It is part of the ACCU YIELD System for helping establish new fields of biomass grass.

We know that solving the challenges of growing biomass crops is key to gaining industry acceptance of this important alternative crop. The ACCU YIELD System gives farmers, landowners and their rural communities a profitable way to use under utilized land and marginal land and, in turn, grow their local economies.

Logistics & Supply Management Innovation

By contracting and/or leasing with farmers and landowners near where the biomass product is needed, REPREVE RENEWABLES is reducing the carbon footprint associated with biomass production, increasing efficiency and the timeliness of delivery. As we grow, our logistic capabilities will expand to meet the growing demand. We can meet increasing demand in step with customer needs because of our coordination with the customer. Should a local interruption in production occur, we have the ability to source biomass from our own production network to make up for a shortfall. So customers avoid the headaches commonly associated with directly contracting biomass production. 

Product Innovation

Our intent is to know our customers business so well that we can anticipate their needs. We partner with customers to test our products head-to-head, in full-scale trials, to demonstrate the benefits of our biomass-derived products. We are proving that biomass can replace other products and meet or exceed customer expectations. Animal bedding, particularly for poultry houses, is one area of product innovation. We are working with poultry integrators and growers to help them realize the benefits of improved animal well-being using our biomass products.

We take a hands-on approach. By partnering with key stakeholders at a national, regional and local level, we can discover and apply the most innovative techniques. This ensures that we remain focused on the right solutions and can provide economic growth for the communities where we work.